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Our coaching style takes inspiration from the Guide Discovery method.
We encourage the players to be more participative throughout the whole training by asking them questions, so they are mentally engaged.


Teams don’t learn.
Individuals within the teams learn.

Johan Cruyff

The style of coaching at Lince Academy is based on the Guided Discovery method. This specific way of coaching allows much greater contribution and participation from the players and fewer instructions from the coaches. It enables the players the ability to think and to explore beyond what is put in front of them, keeping them mentally engaged.

We emphasize the development of the individual within a collective context. The information and guidance are specific to each child and their understanding of the game (how they see themselves as players and understand their actions). By understanding their individual needs, we help them improve throughout the discovery process. Our training is based on learning through experience and understanding by repetition. Our long-term goal is for players to not only learn the game (technically and tactically) but to also have fun, build social and emotional skills, improve self-confidence, and express themselves creatively.

During the sessions, our main approach will be guiding and giving the players information (always by questioning them), so they can have the right tools to make choices based on what they think it’s the best for them, instead of making decisions based on what the coach is telling them to do.

Guided Discovery key points

  • Train according to the age and performance of the players

  • Freedom in decision making. The players decide what is best for them, not the coach!

  • Find solutions to the problems that may occur during training and games

  • Develop an understanding of the player's role in certain situations and positions

  • Creative play

  • Game-oriented training

  • Greater contact with the ball

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