Our development programs are designed for kids aged 5 to 10. They are aimed at players who are looking to improve their skills continuously through a structured and diversified program. Training happens usually once a week and sessions are adapted to each level and age, taking into account individual and collective needs.


Ages 5-6

The Lince Junior program aims to improve the player's motor coordination skills (balance, body/ball ratio, reaction time) and to stimulate their minds by using different game actions (such as ball possession) through the introduction of rondos and positional play. Sessions are designed in a way so that the players can develop individually within the game context.


Ages 7-8

Lince Hunter will work on their technical ability with focus on developing tactical and game awareness through rondos, positional play, and game situations. All players will be encouraged to explore different team positions, including goalkeeper. Sessions are designed with a strong emphasis on teamwork and communication.